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RF Used Test Equipment Rental, Lease, Buy

ACE. Solution provides test and measurement instruments rental service to fulfill the gaps of demand of the instruments whenever there is a critical need for long or short period of time either in R&D or production line. This could also help customers to reduce the risks of facing the business uncertainties in the very changeable dynamic consumer electronics markets by easing the heavy investment on the instrument procurement.

We provide very attractive cost competitive rental services on the electronics product test covering from Wire and Wireless Data Communication, Cellular, Data Card Optical, High Speed Data Communication, RF Microwave, Network and Passive Component areas.

There is no service boundary for us that all the Instruments can be delivered in a very short timeline whenever needs with agile logistics support both in Taiwan and China. With rental services you can ease to allocate the instrument to meet your biz need in R&D or production line timely.

This is best choice for customer while enable product time to market and at the same time minimizing the capital investment by leveraging the rental services.