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RTX2254 right

Bluetooth Low-Energy RF Tester RTX2254

Bluetooth Low-Energy RF Tester RTX2254 - supports Bluetooth 4.0-5.1 and provides a high-speed, cost-effective way of monitoring quality and performance of BLE devices by allowing users to test key RF parameters on both the PCBA and final assembly level. RF measurements are performed in Direct Test Mode via the tester's embedded HCI interface or as an option also Over-The-Air via the advertising channels i.e. in Advertising mode.

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RTX2018 System Overview - zoomed out

Multi-Level Modulation DECT RF Tester RTX2018

MLM (Multi-Level Modulation) DECT RF Tester RTX2018 - performs all key RF measurements on multi-level modulation products using for example the Dialog 14495 MLM DECT chip. The RTX2018 is the third generation of DECT RF testers on the market and supports all frequency bands – European DECT, North American DECT, Japanese DECT, and Korean DECT. The RTX2018 consists of an RTX software application and a Rohde & Schwarz CMW100 (hardware). The RTX2018 allows users to communicate with the DUT (Device Under Test) through UART or USB while performing all the key RF measurements. The comprehensive non-signaling application is well-suited for both R&D and manufacturing.

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