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RF Accessories and Cale series

RF Cable、Adapter、DC Block、Fixed Attenuator、Power Divider、Terminator...

ACE Solution provides high-end RF accessories for high-frequency testing of R&D, production line, quality assurance and verification tests, and is committed to the development and manufacture of 50 & 75Ω related RF accessory wires, including RF Cable, Adapter, DC Block, Fixed Attenuator, Power Divider, Terminator and other high-frequency accessories series, a cable range of specifications, can be customized manufacturing, providing a comprehensive sales service.

 • Diversified types such as SMA、BNC、TNC、N、MCX、MMCX、IPEX、Murata…
 • Multiple Frequency Options, such as 3/ 6/ 10/ 18GHz
 • Provided Test Reports based on customers needs

 • WLAN (2.4GHz/ 5.8GHz)
 • Mobile (2G/ 3G/ 3.5G/ 4G)
 • Bluetooth (2.4GHz)
 • Other RF Application (Up to 18GHz)

Power Divider Series 50Ω SMA ConnectorPower Divider

Fixed Attenuator Series

RF Cables Series

RF Coaxial Connectors Series For PCB